5 places to work from in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of my favourite cities to visit. I can’t believe how many times I’ve been here and yet I’m still discovering new things every time! The last time I visited, I visited a few of the city’s coworking spaces, and I’ve decided to write about them here.

So without further ado, let’s get into it!

1. Betahaus (Gracia)

Betahaus is part of a small group of coworking spaces, with other branches in Berlin, Sofia and Hamburg. The Barcelona space is located in Gracia, a residential neighbourhood that buzzes with cafes, restaurants and street life. It’s a great spot if you like to nip out for lunch (perhaps grab a menu del dia while you’re out).

Betahaus takes up a whole building on a quiet side street, which means there’s floor after floor of coworking space, plenty of Zoom booths (or Skype booths, as they’re called here) and a nice, quiet space on the top floor.

There’s a great vibe and the design is a little quirky, with lots of places to hide out. If you like plants you’ll love it here.

I worked on the 5th floor, which has two terraces, perfect for having your lunch or just working outside, while taking in a view of the city. This was the best cowork I visited while I was in Barcelona.

🪙 Price: €17/day plus VAT. Bookable through their website.

🔉 Noise rating: Very quiet

📌 Carrer de Vilafranca, 7, 08024 Barcelona. betahaus.es. Metro: Joanic/Fontana/Lesseps

2. La Vaca (Poble Sec)

This coworking has the biggest personality out of any that I’ve tried. When you arrive at the street you’re greeted by a giant cow.

La Vaca (“The Cow” in Spanish) is a small, independent coworking space in Poble Sec. It’s located in a former dairy shop. And they’ve done a great job turning it into a modern space for us workers.

The main floor is dedicated to fixed desks and hotdesks, and the little factory office upstairs has been converted into a bookable phone booth for calls, complete with soundproof walls and a miniature fan to keep you cool while you’re giving that presentation to your boss. In the basement, there are more desks, plus a lounging area and a bar.

The team at La Vaca like to “work hard and play hard”, so they organise regular events including sports, workshops and talks. I could easily see myself working here for a few days!

When I visited here I got a lot of work done, which shows how edam good this space is. 🧀🧀🧀

🪙 Price: €16/day plus VAT. Bookable through Hubble.

🔉 Noise rating: quiet (but with very feint music)

🧀 Cheese level: cheesy

📌 Carrer de la Creu dels Molers, 19, 08004 Barcelona. lavacacoworking.com. Metro: Poble Sec

3. Cowork Rambla Catalunya

This coworking space is in a grand old residential building in Eixample. With huge windows and high ceilings, it’s a beautiful space to work in.

I spent a month working here and really enjoyed it. Neus, the founder, is a great host and the team are very friendly. There’s a relaxed vibe here and it’s a great place to meet other freelancers and entrepreneurs, most of whom who have permanent desks or offices here.

They organise socials and a weekly breakfast, and often share lunch together on the terrace downstairs.

🔉 Noise rating: Quiet

🪙 Price: €22/day plus VAT. Bookable through Croissant or direct.

📌 Carrer Corsega, num. 284, 1 Pis. 08008 Barcelona. Instagram. coworkramblacatalunya.com. Nearest Metro: Diagonal. Map.

4. Wework

If you don’t know, WeWork is a chain of coworking spaces with locations across the world. They have a few locations in Barcelona.

I tried the WeWork on Diagonal. You can work on the ground floor, one of the upper floors, or the basement. I settled for the basement, as the other floors were already quite busy.

It is mostly fine, although there don’t seem to be enough phone booths, so people were taking calls loudly without caring about anyone else around them. I haven’t tried that many WeWork locations, so I don’t know if that’s a common problem or not. You might have better luck at other locations.

Some companies give WeWork memberships to their employees. Otherwise, if you’re paying for yourself, I think you can find better value for money elsewhere.

🔊 Noise rating: Medium

🪙 Price: €30/day plus VAT. Bookable direct.

📌 5 locations across the city. wework.com

5. 365 Cafe

This might seem like a cheeky entry in this list if you’ve been to Barcelona before.

But if you haven’t, 365 is a chain of cafes with branches throughout the city. Most (if not all) of their cafes have wifi, and a nice selection of sandwiches, pastries and coffee.

I love places like this because they’re quite anonymous, you can get a snack and work undisturbed for a couple of hours. Of course it’s best if you don’t take up a table at busy times.

Good for: 1-2 hours work, or if you’re looking for somewhere to meet up with a client. Not great for zoom calls or long periods of work.

🪙 Free. OK, you need to buy something though.

🥐 Bakery rating: tasty.

🔊 Noise rating: Medium to loud, especially at school pick-up time.

📌 Locations across the city, find locations on Google Maps. Limited info on 365obrador.com

That’s it

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of places to work from in Barcelona. With its great public transport, high speed internet, endless cultural events and great restaurants, you’ll find that Barcelona is a great place to visit and work. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

But we have to ask…. did we miss anything out? Do you have a favourite coworking space in the city that everyone should know about? Let us know in the comments below.