I travel through London’s airports fairly regularly. This is my opinionated view of London’s airports, ranked by facilities, how easy they are to get to, and ease of transit within the airport.


  1. London City Airport
  2. London Gatwick Airport
  3. London Heathrow Airport
  4. London Southend Airport
  5. London Stansted Airport
  6. London Luton Airport

London City Airport

City is my favourite airport in London, and the main reasons are its convenience and its ease of transit through the airport.

London City Airport is connected to London’s tube network via the Docklands Light Railway, which is a driverless train with frequent services. You can use your Oyster card.

City Airport is very small. It is the only airport in London where you need to arrive only 30 minutes before your flight is due to depart. You’ll clear security quickly, and you’re not hassled through endless “duty-free” shops to get to your gate.

However, City Airport serves mostly only domestic and European destinations. Budget airlines don’t fly here. If price wasn’t an issue, I would choose London City Airport every time.