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Getting Wild in... Ardnamurchan & Sunart

25 September 2021

Ardnamurchan (Ard-na-MURK-un) is a wild and utterly remote region of Scotland. It’s accessed either by ferry, or a very long and convoluted road. Ardnamurchan sits next to Sunart, a region which is almost equally remote.


Yet, Ardnamurchan is still on the Scottish mainland. In fact, one of its main claims to fame is Ardnamurchan Point, the most westerly point on the entire UK mainland. (Yes, it’s even further west than Cornwall.)

Ardnamurchan is a place full of windy roads, stunning views and great walking.

If you’re planning a trip to Ardnamurchan, or you just want to know more, scroll down this page and enjoy!

For the full highlights from my trip, scroll to the bottom of the page to check out my video.

About Ardnamurchan

What follows in this blog post is the highlights from my trip.

Why I went

“I’ve booked a week off work,” I thought. “Where the heck am I going to go?”

As the date approached for my planned time off, I suddenly realised that I had no idea where I was going to spend my holiday time.

I spent most of 2020 working from my flat in London, and not travelling. I’m not normally the best at organising things, but successive lockdowns had made me almost totally inept at organising anything.

End result: all dressed up, with no place to go.

In a passing conversation, my Dad made a reference to the Ardnamurchan peninsula, on the west coast of Scotland.

I thought about Ardnamurchan Point’s infamous position in the BBC Shipping Forecast, and I knew immediately that I had to go.


The main town in Ardnamurchan is Strontian (Stron-tian)

Sights around Ardnamurchan

Ardnamurchan Point and Lighthouse


Sanna Bay


Camas nan Geall


Hiking Ben Hiant


Cycling around Laudale Estate

Sunart Camping & Cycles in Strontian village rented me an e-MTB for the day for £50. It’s a little on the pricey side but so worth it! You can explore all the local trails for the day. If you’re staying nearby, they’ll even deliver the MTB to your accommodation.

Ariundle Oakwood


Kentra Moss


Watch my film

I made a short film of my travels, all shot on iPhone, featuring many of the places I’ve talked about in this article. I hope you enjoy it.